How To Order

bindimaking birds nest packaging parcel opened!

We offer discounts for quantity orders.

Price list is in USD/Indian Rps

  • 1 – 3 flowers: $25 ea./1500 inr. (this price includes shipping COD)
  • 4 – 7 flowers: $17 ea./1000 inr. (plus shipping charges COD)
  • 8 – 12 flowers: $15ea. /900inr. (plus shipping charges COD)
  • 13 or more flowers: $10ea./600inr. (plus shipping chargeswCOD)

We have supplied gift shops and special events e.g.,weddings, birthdays, etc.
Decorators inquiries welcome!

We ship worldwide and all our parcels are 100% reuse! Reuse carton, paper strips, hay and outer wrap comes in white cotton hand sewn for security!

PicsArt_1434591960248 europe parcels IMG_20150418_091116

Export contact is
Email quantities desired and the shipping address
Allow about 15 days for deliveries

The payment for export orders is done thru
You only pay after the parcel is received by you in good order!

Local orders for Delhi and India contact KSJ directly at

If you visit our shop at New Seemapuri the price for each flower is 500 inr., about $8USD

Namaskar and Blessings

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