Who We Are

We are an all-women cooperative in Delhi’s Seemapuri neighborhood, one of many places in cities worldwide where community members earn a living by collecting, sorting, and recycling waste (in Hindi: kabad) through the informal economy. In partnership with New York-based artist Recycle and Pray, members have begun to transform these materials into innovative objects, relying on inspiration and creativity (in Hindi: jugad) to guide their production process.

We are bringing our talent of improvising from waste to the wider world, and we enjoy the process!

The co-op’s aim is to create a self-sustaining micro workshop that promotes transformation through creative production. This not only provides for economic needs, but also allows the women to work in an environment where they are treated with dignity and respect. As creative entrepreneurs, the women have the opportunity to express themselves in a comfortable workshop, strengthening bonds with sisters and neighbors.

Co-op members gather for their first day of training

Co-op members gather for the first day of training

7 thoughts on “Who We Are

  1. hey this is vidushi here i am doing BA in social work from ignou and would like to work for 25 days . intern or volunteer as this a part of my practical work .i would like to work 5days per week so was hoping to work for you. hope to hear from you soon

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