Ordering Flowers

wedding bouquet

Our small cottage co-op is not equipped to accept direct online orders and payments. There are still bureaucratic and cultural barriers. The entire class of waste pickers is known as the informal sector!

But we have made it as simple as possible if you click on the ”HOW TO ORDER ” Menu Item, all the steps are spelled out including our latest price list!

Basically, export orders and payment collection must be made by email:

For order within India please
email us @ kabadsejugad@gmail.com

Payments are only required after you received the flower parcels!

We have faith and so we can take risks on your credit honorability. We trust you as you should trust us. We do not require your “credit card number” when emailing an order.

new flowers 3

The variety of these everlasting total reuse beauties is practically infinite but to help you choose please see these pics ..we recommend the light bulb with bindi decorative designs as it’s our latest and prettiest type!

flower series2 flower series9 wedding flowers 3

To sum it up, your export orders are truly and directly supporting a movement to “sustainability” for a class of people who are still considered the lowest of the low!

But times are a changing, even in a complicated structured society like India.

Example, now after years of harassment, Delhi Police have stopped confiscating “waste resources” in waste pickers camp and asking for “tips” to allow them to work!

Please send in your orders now, to anywhere and to anyone. We also can include cards for friends and special ones in your lives if you so instruct us!

Namaskar and Blessings

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