Seemapuri Spring 2015

girl-from-seema.441h bindi-bulbs-over-seema.441h

This spring after two years of testing and creating a variety of flowers we concluded by specializing on our top and craftier line of flowers. The flowers with decorative light bulbs (reused) as the center pistil and final ornamentation with colorful bindis.

For export orders we have also restructured prices based on quantities. this is our new listing:
1 to 3 = $25 each includes shipping.
4 to 7 = $17 each plus shipping
8 to 12 = $13 each plus shipping
13 or more = $10 each plus shipping

We recognized the need to be more competitive and reach wholesalers, gift shops, designers with appreciative clientele for these types of everlasting flowers!

The price for orders of 13 or more is absolutely rock bottom and very inexpensive for this sort of craft work!

to email your orders is easy just follow instructions on our web site. The payments are COD after shipment is received safely.

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