Light bulbs with Bindis

bindi bulbs over seema ksj new flowers 2015 bindimaking bindi beauty1

These artistically crafted flowers are our top line creations!

The components include: flexible electrical wire, bottle caps, two plastic bottles petal layers, a curly metal can and one repurposed light bulb with decorative bindis! They are created with the idea of total reuse, i.e., these flowers have become a unique handcrafted object to-have-and-to-hold forever and thus these materials are completely made from waste chains or recyclables! 

Specifically, the light bulbs are rescued from ending in land fills and hazardous glass waste since they DO NOT have any commercial recycling value.

In Seemapuri where our shop is located, many such “party” bulbs are collected because the metal threads do have recycling value and the metal component is painstakingly removed, the remaining glass is then passed along to KSJ (Kabad se Jugad) for its transformation into the pistil of the flower!

 parcel proofparcel opened!

All our flowers are shipped direct to your door step anywhere in the world! The packaging is total reuse as well: a recycled box, paper strips, hay and straw. The outer cover is in white cotton, hand sewn!

To sum it up, when you receive a KSJ flower you can be assured that it is pure repurpose and sustainable!

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